• Educational Technology Laboratory
  • Psychology Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Subject Laboratories
  • Library
  • Sports and Games

Educational Technology Laboratory

This centre has LCD and OHP projectors, slide projectors and other equipment to aid the teaching learning process. Student teachers make use of the centre for instructional training.

Psychology Laboratory

A psychology Laboratory is maintained by the college in which experiment in Psychology are conducted as part of the B.Ed. practical curriculum.

Computer Laboratory

The college has an ICT Centre that can accommodate 30 students at a time. The centre is maintained by a qualified staffs, who also conducts theory and practical classes for the students. The Centre is available during and after class hours.

B.Ed. Students use Computer Laboratory for power point presentation and web site evaluation. Computer literate students and students with knowledge of computer applications assist beginners during their free time. Beginners in computers are given extra time after college hours.

Subject Laboratories

  • Biology Laboratory
  • Physical Science Laboratory
  • Mathematics/Science Resource Lab

Students use the laboratories during teaching practice. Initial preparation in the conduct of experiments and use of apparatus is practiced at the laboratories.


A qualified Librarian maintains the library. It is open to staff and students from 10a.m to 5p.m. It is also kept open on holidays during exam period on request from students. Open Access system is followed except for reference books. General books, Subject books, Encyclopedias, Theses, Reference books, Journals, Periodicals and Newspapers (both Tamil and English) are made available to staff and students.

The question papers and syllabus for various subjects are made available for reference. Students and staff of other colleges are also allowed to use the library on certain conditions. The Library can accommodate 50 persons at a time.

Sports and Games

This college has playgrounds for Football, cricket, Hockey and courts for Tennis, Basket Ball, Hand Ball, Badminton, shuttle Cock etc. Director of Physical Education is in charge of the sports and games activities.

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